area woman


Area Woman is a performance collective that tangles dance, music, and theatre

We create inquisitive spaces for audience-artist encounters. Area Woman enthusiastically explores the role of art and imagination in community using humor, task, and tradition to elevate the mundane and make the magical tangible.

Area woman is: Claire Alrich, Sarah Greenbaum, Sadie Leigh & Meg Lowey

Instagram: @areawomandc


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Join Area Woman as they unfold and unravel, weaving through a world where the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end.


Ephemeral Fatale starts with an exit and ends with an arrival. Area Woman sifts through space, time, and expectations with their signature brand of trust-building meta-moments. Through meticulous movement, sonic worldbuilding, and murder mystery, they invite you to peek in from the outside, or come in for a drink.

12 performances

10 days

8 venues around dc


Holon! (2018)

In 2018 Area Woman premiered “Holon!” - a subtly irreverent, casually tender comedydramadance - as part of the Capital Fringe Festival


Holon! is a performance experience inspired by and in spite of ceremony and tradition, made for people who don’t know they like dance (or, for people who already like it very much.) Audiences may or may not be asked to do some of the following: Eat a snack, plant a tree, rearrange the furniture, tune a piano, put out a fire, catch a falling body, proofread an email, hold a prop, sing along, bake a loaf of bread or take a stranger’s hand.

Holon! was called a “playful performance experience” by the Washington Post), and was named one of DC Theatre Scene’s “24 Favorite Stage Moments of 2018

Holon! trailer